Thursday, August 27, 2009

RIdes and debate work night

Well another day is in the books. Rode with Ray Olais yesterday. His wife joined us about 8 miles into the ride. We ended up going 11 miles and it was a pretty mellow roll. Some of it was on our new bike paths that the city and the corp of engineers just finished. Pretty nice setup now. Getting ready for Bike Club coming up. I hope to design a tshirt asap so we can get our names out there. I have an assistant or two and I think it will be really fun this year. We have several riders who could be very competitive if they ever chose to but most of the club is made up of recreational riders. The club could take a new direction this year for those kids who want to be more bike activist rather than becoming more competitive. We are looking at teaching bike safety and the rules of the road to elementary students, but that would mean the HS kids would need to know it first. It is all we can do to get them wear helmets. More later. Need to get back in the swing of posting more often.