Monday, July 11, 2011

New Route in Lawton OK

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stormy Ride

Sun peaking through 
I was hitting the road this morning when the weather turned sour. A storm popped up just north of my route of choice even after the weather guy said it was going to clear off. I left super early to beat the heat. I left at 5:45 am....yes AM....I was going at a pretty good clip when it got really dark. Dark I can handle but then the lightning came. Living in Kansas makes me a pretty good target for lightning. Not that many trees close to me.
I turned around when the lightning started. Right before I took this picture my phone took a tumble. I was listening to my tunes on my headphones so I can be aware of what is around me. Wind kicked up big time coming across and my bag. Velcro closure kinda opened and I hit a big bump on this shitty road and my phone bounced out and tumbled down the road. Lost my battery and I stopped...had to look for it for about 5 minutes...found my battery then found the phone. I thought it was toast but not a scratch on it. I then tried to ride in town but started feeling like crap. I just rolled home. I was hoping to get in 32 miles minimum but settled for about 15 instead.