Monday, July 26, 2010

Drunk History.

Amazing actors paired with a totally blitzed historiian narrating the story. FUNNY>>>

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cameron DIaz and her two GIANT DOUCHE'S

Contidor is an Ass. Winning without honor....he sucks...

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Health Benefits of Cycling outweigh risk

TDF rider runs into race official after stage 6, Pissed off...

Tour rider runs into a race official and boy is he mad. German website for the video and they bleep nada!

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Angry Driver, why?

I left this morning at 6 am like most everyday of the summer. I left to get my fix for my bike riding addiction and the morning was amazing. Very little wind, cooler than normal and I was off and on my way. I was taking my normal Newton, Sedgwick, Valley Center and back to Newton loop that I ride some version of 4 days a week usually. The ride is about 38 miles or so and I had an amazing ride...until....

I love that our city is putting in bike paths but I think a few citizens out there do not understand the use of  bike paths. I say few because in the 3 years I have been cycling in Newton and surrounding area, I have never had an issue with the path. Of the 38 miles of my ride bike path runs along my route for 1 mile plus about 150 yards. It winds in and out of a couple of subdivisions and of course is interrupted every few hundred feet with a street entering the subdivisions. I never ride on this path when I am on my route. I don't  ride on the path because it is actually more dangerous than riding on the street or shoulder where I rode today. Cars do not stop at the bike path cross walk and I like most vehicles wanting to get where I am going, I  don't want to slow and stop at every cross street. So I stay on the street.
Today as I was coming up on the intersection near walmart and Newton Medical center, I notice in my rear view mirror a car coming up behind me not making any attempt to move over. In fact he was on the white line. I was trying to be hospitable and considerate and moved over onto the very rough shoulder that is covered with road trash, big pot holes and glass in order to give him plenty of room. This was during the part of my route with the short section of path running along side. The man pulled beside me and slowed way down and rolled down his window and proceeded to yell at me about how I should not be on the street and that "See that Fucking path right there, that is there so you don't get run over!" He went on to say, "Stay off the road you dumb shit!" Meanwhile a large line of cars are behind him. HE is holding up traffic to yell at me about how I am being unsafe.
Newton, KS sits on the Transamerica Bike Route and cyclist from all over the world come through our little town. I saw two yesterday looking for a resteraunt as I was waiting for a train.I hope people like this person who yelled at me don't make a habbit out of it as it could tarnish our town's image as a small hospitable place  The Tan/Brown small suv hatchback Accura I think with Harvey County tags and The gentleman was overweight (but who isn't?) balding with light brownish blond hair with a beard (his hair could have been a redish color) I hope you enjoy your day and feel better about whatever was irritating you, but I have a right to ride my bike on the road. I was not breaking any laws nor was I rude to you in anyway. I hope I see you in the store or in a parking lot sometime when you are not in your vehicle so we can have a more evenly balanced debate about the rules of the road. Hey if you don't want to debate, I could just kick your ass. See you soon.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

 2010 Total Distance Stats
Rank Rider Location Distance (Miles)
954 did not ride in over 2 weeks dpbogey Springfield, MO 2384
955 rode in the past 24 hours gfdbiker Loveland, OH 2383
956 rode in the past 24 hours misterbee.. Newton, KS 2383
957 rode in the past 24 hours Husky65 Mountain River, Australia 2379
958 rode in the past 24 hours nogas
premier member: click for more information
Wakefield, MA 2379

Chugging along 2383 miles since January 2010.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Want to Ride in Newton?

Want to Ride in Newton? (Newton, KS)

Date: 2010-06-30, 7:38PM CDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] go to the website and search for Newton KS clubs. Find Newton HS faculty/Staff bike club. If you are near or in Newton and want to start being involved in a regular ride then sign up. If you are not in Newton but like the idea of a ride calender for your club, then you can use this tool to schedule and communicate rides with your club members. I get nothing out of this other than some people to share a ride with and get some exercise. Request membership and I will be in touch.

In Newton, KS and want to ride with a group?

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Exclusive: How Giro Made Lance Armstrong’s $15,000 Custom Helmet | Playbook

$15,000.00 for a helmet? Amazing technology!

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2010 Tour de France Prologue LIVE |

Tour de France is starting. Prologue is already going.

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