Saturday, January 30, 2010


Other than the extreme cold and the 8 inches of snow, it looks like a perfect day for riding. The sun is super bright and makes me want to go outside and ride. That is till I actually get outside into the cold. I guess maybe I have become a wimp as far as the weather. When I was much heavier, I did not have a problem with the cold. Now I get cold really easily and since my neck surgery last spring, I am incredibly sensitive the low temps.
I have heard them all. "Cyclist make their own heat." Yep we do but the first 20 minutes of cold kicks my ass. The problem is I over dress for the first 20 and then I am too warm and sweat like crazy followed by being very cold.

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John B. said...

My bike's not at all suited for riding in the snow; I have been out in cold-ish weather (right around freezing), though, in just shorts, a windbreaker over a t-shirt, and gloves. I'm not what one would call hot-natured but, aside from my ears and fingers getting cold, I was perfectly comfortable each time. But I've not had neck surgery, either.