Sunday, May 8, 2011

Long Ride in Kansas

Today was a great day for riding. A little windy but the warmest day of the year. I took off from Newton heading west on 12th street. 10 miles with a SE tail wind out to Halstead Road. I headed south on Halstead road. I really felt great for most of the southern trip. The problem did arise that I don't know what the hell I am doing when reading a map...I read a map earlier on the computer thinking/remembering to head south on Halstead road but no...I missed it by a mile. Halstead road is a great surface for riding and was not too busy but I wanted to cut to the east at or near the Sedgwick county line or 125th street to head over to Sedgwick. Unfortunately, there is no east west paved road on 125th like I thought. I had to ride south to Bentley before heading east but could only ride east on 117th street for a mile then jog around adding many miles before I got on the right road.

I was at a little over 30 miles when I took a break and bought another Gatorade in Sedgwick. Filled the bottle and left to go fill the other with water at the park but the water is turned off there now. Finished up by heading to 81 highway and heading north with wind finally pushing me instead of holding me back. Got buzzed by a motorcycle going over 100 mph. He came about 3 feet from hitting me. The jerk did it on purpose, speeding up way back when he saw me and moving closer when he had 3 other lanes to choose from. Gave him the finger and anger powered me home.

45 miles but it took me 4 hours of real time and 3 hrs 30 minutes of ride time. Still kinda wiped out. I also told my wife, I would be back in 2 hours but was gone 4 hours. ...on Mother's day....also I figured out I am a Dick....sorry honey. Did I mention I am married to an amazing woman that I hope will forgive me soon.

This ride was the first since Thursday since I had to go out of town for a tournament. I ate way too much and will pay for it when I weigh in the morning. To bed. good night.

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