Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Weigh-in and Results

I weighed in today and had a good week even though I had a meltdown Wednesday night. I lost 5.4 lbs and now weigh 226.4 lbs. I am .4 lbs from my lowest total since elementary school. I rode about 7 miles on Sunday in 40 minutes. The wind was a killer once I got out in the open. I tried to ride with a friend of mine but he was busy and did not call me back. I have a hard time riding very far on my own. I get bored pretty quickly. I am not tired, just bored. Especially when I it is a little chilly like low 50's. I am wanting to ride more but my feet and hands get so cold, even with gloves on. I need to invest in some more riding gear but the wife is definitaly anti-bike investment of any kind. I want to order some biking clothes to better deal with the elements but it is only going to start warming up from here. I would love to get in about 25-30 miles this weekend since I do not have a debate tournament. This would be great if the weather was not going to suck. I also have bike club Thursday and the weather is supposed to be horrible. Really cold and windy. My wife's Grandmother passed away last night and the funeral is Thursday. The kids schedule is hectic and cannot get away, so I have to stay here while she goes back. I know I am going to wish I was able to go.
Goals for my weight are pretty clear now. My next immediate goal is to get to 216 lbs. That would get me to my W.W. 100 lbs lost goal. I get a cool little pendant for my keychain that looks like barbell plate that has a 100 on it.

Debate this past weekend had a lackluster result for Newton. We had three teams go 2-3 and one team go 3-2. The kids tried but luck was not on our side. The interesting thing is the youngest kids did the best. The team of 2 freshman did the best, so I am excited for their future in the activity. The other freshman did well as did the sophomores. We have couple of Jr's and they did well.

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