Saturday, January 3, 2009

Weigh-in and Workday

Debaters had a work day today. It went well. Hopefully a good start toward getting ready for state in about 3 weeks. I rode my bike to school today. About a mile on the bike today. Not much before the cold front came in and put us back in the freezer again. I weighed in today on a new scale we bought. It is cool. The scale says 235.4. This is about 7 lbs up from before Christmas holidays. I hope to take this off in the next week. I think some of this was water weight anyway and big lunch since I did not know we were investing in a scale. My wife and I started a group for those wanting to lose some pounds. I have been in weight watchers for about a year and a half. I am going to continue to do this also. I am also going to be teaching a "class" for this small group of our friends wanting to get healthier. I hope this acts as a motivation for me and my friends. My children also all weighed in and we are tracking these also. I hope to be a good example for them and inspire them to "want" to make healthier choices. I am going to take some before pictures to post on here also. I am going to start my weight training/cycling program while teaching this class on healthy eating. My friends are not poor but can't really afford the 50 bucks a month extra for WW and this is my way of helping them out. I will post my progress on here. I will post my before and after pictures even if they are gross. Sorry if this is offensive.

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