Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weather what?

I rode my commute plus this morning. I am only 1 mile from work but I want to get a workout in before I start my day, so rolled out about 6:10 am and did about 50 minutes. I hit the sandcreek bikepath on 10th street here in Newton and rolled south into the hefty 20 mph wind. Rode south to 1st street and turn west for a bit and then south again through the "not a public road" BNSF railroad yard. It was pretty cool in the dark and turned east on SE 14th to Old Main. Took that back to first to Main street all the way through downtown to North 12th and then stumbled around a couple of miles and then headed to school. 10 miles to start the day really wakes me up. I really wish my commute was farther just so I could get more miles in each morning. I took the Raleigh but I have got to get another set of rims or true the heavy bastards that I have now. Feels like I am dragging rocks behind me...more later.

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