Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Bike gadget

I took the Miyata into the bike shop yesterday. Cool new stuff got a Plane Bike Blinky Super Flash LED rear light. Cost a little more than the one here but I don't mind supporting my local bike shop. I also had John check my bottom bracket and the ORIGINAL grease was still inside. It had never been opened up at all. The grease was almost dried all the way out. The bearing races had pitting in them where the dried grease let the bearings cut into them. Here is thebottom bracket or a really similar one. I needed an English thread and he had it in stock. He also trued my wheels and the combination of those two things made a HUGE difference. Felt like a different bike, especially on the downhill/downwind side of my ride. I was MOVING really fast for me. I got a bell also since my really lame airhorn scared the crap out of the old people on the bike path. I got a bell that is very similar to this one but black. With the wheel truing and the othe new stuff it came to just under $100 bucks. HOT RIDE today but so much fun with the new stuff! Early ride tomorrow.

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