Monday, June 7, 2010

Rain Rain...go away

The rain is annoying. It started with a giant clap of thunder at about 3 am this morning. I would love to ride but lack some rain gear for my bike These two would make excellent Father's Day presents kids. I have a touring bike but lack many of the commuter accessories.SKS P35 Chromoplastic Bicycle Fender Set (700c x 20-28 Tires, Silver) This fender would be great if you have braze on bosses on your frame already Some of us out there are not as lucky as that and will need clip on fenders
I have 27" wheels but 700c is the closest size for fenders to fit my bike. Well some of you may have noticed more of a "commercial" approach to my posts. I am doing this mainly to inject more
dynamic content. I have also added a donate button for the Newton HS student faculty bike club. I have many special needs kids and lower income students in the club who cannot afford bike repairs and supplies. I also hope to someday raise enough money to purchase decent bikes for the club to ride at school. Would be awesome to get a sponsor that can help us travel to local and regional races and other riding events. So if you want to help kids get exposed to the lifelong joy of cycling then think about donating. If you stumble upon this and are interested, then shoot me a message to find out more info.

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