Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day Eve

I am really excited about the election tomorrow. For the longest time, I thought that McCain would have been an awesome president when he first started running. Of all the Republicans running, I knew he was the only one I could vote for. As a democrat in the world of Red state central of Kansas, I feel like my vote may be wasted no matter what I do. Let me finish. McCain changed so much since he started running for president. I liked how stood out in the sea of republican hopefuls.
Unfortunately, what made me like him, made many republicans dislike him. In comes the great republican election machine to mold him into someone the great conservative base could live with.
Now I cannot vote for him. I am not sure who he is. I like Obama. I always have. I like his message and his stance on Education. As a teacher, I just hope he can do something about this No Child Left Behind fiasco given to us by the Bush administration. So tomorrow morning I will cast vote for Obama and be a part of History. It is time for this change. I hope whoever wins, can turn around this crazy economy and put us all back to work. I will be commuting on my bike to go vote as well as to work tomorrow. Now for the really important stuff....I can't forget that it is trash day.

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