Tuesday, November 18, 2008

School Bike Ride

So tomorrow Newton High School Bike Club. I am the sponsor of the NHS bike club, and I have a group of about 25 kids who are currently in the club. Right now, we are just doing short 40 minute rides during the during school club time. We have a mix of kids who are solid cyclist who commute on bikes by choice, kids who ride occasionally, and special needs kids who are riding in a group for the first time ever. It is quite a challenge to keep all the kids happy with what the club is doing. We are going to have elections for officers the next club when the weather sucks. Tomorrow the weather is going to be high 60's and sunny. Tomorrow is the teachers meeting after school where we have to do some sort of school improvement activity. One of our goals is to be a healthier school. I have been losing weight pretty steady since last October (07). I am at 97 lbs lost at this time as Monday at my weight watcher meeting. So the school is offering many different options for tomorrow's meetings dealing with wellness. I asked for an option for us to do a group bike ride instead of the lame choices they were giving us. I know I have about 5 people who are going to ride. It is only an hour but it is an hour riding when I would have to be inside doing something lame. That makes about 100 minutes of riding and depending on who shows up it could be a rocking 100 minutes or at worst a slow mellow time to ride and visit with my friends. I like cycling so much. It is hard to describe how cool it is. I rode this morning in the freaking cold for 40 minutes on the way to school and it was amazing even in the cold. It makes me feel awesome whenever I ride. The more I ride the better I feel.

On the Debate side of my life. Freaking stress starts now. I think I will ride more, it helps with stress.

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