Thursday, May 20, 2010

2010 school year closes

Tomorrow is the last day of finals and the last day for kids to attend at usd 373. I am looking forward to relaxing bike filled summer. Not sure if my Wife thinks I am going to have a vacation. I usually get a summer job but my steady gig for the last few summers is a no go this year. I worked a couple summers mowing grass for Restcare Inc. here in Newton. They own/run several group homes for adults with developmental disabilities. Last summer's recovery from spinal surgery kept me out of that job and doctors don't want me doing that job again. Riding mower was very rough on my back since it had no suspension.
I am doing some video editing for the school district that will last about 3 weeks with only about 30 hours of work. I am spending a week in KC, MO. for the national speech and debate tournament. Taking four brilliant students who make me look like I know something. I am also spending 2 weeks in Lawton, OK at Cameron University's Speech and Debate camp. I will be assistant coordinator for Advanced CX debate week one and assistant coordinator for Intermediate Div. for week 2. I am really looking forward to this trip. I get to take my bike and I am going to ride in the Wichita Wildlife preserve. I am toying with the idea riding to the top of Mt. Scott. Not a huge climb and not what most people would call a mountain but it is cool ride. I have a couple of riding buddies at camp and we are going to get in as many miles as possible. Best part is nobody will be there to tell me I am riding too much or ignoring them. I won't have to drop everything to sit at home with my wife while she plays FB games. I can't go ride since that is ignoring my family, but it si perfectly fine to play, Farmtown,Family Feud, sorority life or whatever annoying new game is pumped out by FB.

Well, I gotta go take my daughter for a practice driving lesson, or as I like to look at it, Screaming Father yelling at daughter to STOP....GOOOOOO....or not so hard on the brakes or gas....I wouldn't miss it for the world...

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