Friday, May 14, 2010

After School Ride

I emailed Ray Olais and Lu Ann Zook yesterday about riding after school. They were up for it but Lu could not make it after all. So Ray and I headed out. North wind was refreshing on an absolutely PERFECT day for riding. The wind was light enough for me but Ray is very sensitive to wind. Not sure why I like riding into the wind but I seem to make better time than my riding buddies when riding into the wind. I am about 75 lbs heavier than Ray so that is probably why. We rode north on K15 out of Newton on the normal route for us with a north breeze. We ride north to Old Dutch Ave and hang a left to Hesston. It was sunny and bright but still very cool. The warmed us but the breeze cooled us down. Normally the traffic on K15 is heavier than I prefer but most folks are very considerate and move way over. The shoulder on k15 is a good size. It is about 3 to 4 feet across and the surface is very smooth. Seems like all the quality surfaces are paired with heavier traffic.
The ride was overall a great time. Ray had tvo stop at a garage sale in Hesston but nothing cool. Bikes and robots are his passions. He is an artist and art teacher at Newton HS and is always looking for something to inspire his students. We turned south on Ridge Rd. and flew for about 7 or 8 miles to 12th street Newton. Only two negatives occurred on the ride, I ate about 10 bugs because I talk too much and a car almost ran into us on 12th. This tan old person car driven by an young person. You know the car type, four door, tan, mercury marquis type sedan. This woman was ON HER CELL PHONE and didn't give us the required 3 feet. She passed us so close, I really thought Ray was going to get hit. She had the entire left lane to pass. No other cars were coming but she chose to buzz us and stayed in the right lane barely. I try to be a good cyclist. You know, I try to follow the road rules/laws, be polite, make sure motorist are aware of me and be an ambassador for the sport. I have not flipped anyone the bird in a long time. I did however wave at her and say some select words. 22 miles at 15 MPH average was a great workout and I survived another wild ride in south central.....Kansas.

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